• GATEWAY [Sample Pack]

GATEWAY [Sample Pack]

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Get ready for an overarching theme of ethereal tones. This collection of psychedelic samples is meant to break the rules.

The GATEWAY sample pack draws inspiration from psychedelic genres and the counterculture of the 1960s. Each sound is a trip down a different rabbit hole for you to get lost in. 

This pack includes 11 original compositions created with lush live instruments and synthesizers.

BONUS: You get the stems of all the compositions to experiment and manipulate the samples for even more creative control.

What’s included:

  • 169 New Sounds
  • 11 Original Compositions
  • 57 Stems
  • 15 Loops
  • 23 Drum Loops
  • 5 Midi Multi Tracks
  • 4 Melodic One Shots
  • 54 Drum One Shots


Instant Digital Download

All sounds included are compatible with any DAW

Master Clearance Guaranteed (see license agreement)



The samples in this collection have been processed through an Akai 4000 DS MK2 reel to reel tape machine on ¼” tape through outboard compressors.

All sounds were recorded through a custom Mullard The Master Valve 12AX7 tube preamp into Tapco C-12 Mixer & finally arranged in ProTools at 24-bit/44.1 WAV format.

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